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Our new and enhanced outdoor plant area carries a comprehensive range of trees, conifers, shrubs, roses, perennials, climbers, alpines, heathers, bedding plants, grasses, fruit trees and statement plants for that instant impact in your garden.

Our plant area is set out in alphabetical order for easy garden planning. We have published our own plant guide leaflets to show you what we have available on offer. They are designed to assist you in achieving all year round colour.

Please find in store 28 leaflets for you to pick up free of charge.

We are proud to supply top quality plants at very reasonable prices and a one year guarantee with proof of purchase*.

We offer a wide range of summer and winter hanging baskets to enhance your garden.

Please visit our friendly plant area team for all your garden questions and if you are not able to find the plant you are looking for, then we will do our up most to source our suppliers, to provide you with the plant you're after.

Anne Covell

Plants & Trees Manager

Hardy Plant Guarantee - Our hardy outdoor plants are covered by a 12 month guarantee, which begins from the day of purchase. Proof of purchase in the form of our till receipt must be produced. A plant label alone does not qualify. We will replace the plant or provide a full refund. The guarantee does not cover sale or discounted items. The guarantee does not cover plants that have not been properly cared for. The plant must finally be returned to the garden centre for inspection.

Plant of the Month - Roses

Plants of the Month - June 2020

June is the month when roses start bouncing out of the borders as they start putting on their dazzling displays of colour. You cannot fail to be lured by the heady fragrance of these bodacious bundles of tightly packed petals found in a David Austin rose. David Austin Snr. O.B.E is considered one of the greatest Rosarians and rose breeder of all time. Creating in his lifetime over 240 English roses to his name and leading the way for new roses to be developed into the future. Each variety is selected after a vigorous breading programme lasting nine years, before its’ introduction to the general public. That’s dedication to the task!
Quality, fragrance, repeat flowering and good disease resistance are all corner stone’s of a David Austin rose. Although they are more expensive than your average rose, they certainly stand out from the crowd: as this living gift of beauty, they will certainly shatter all your expectations.
Think about the location for your rose and select one based several things: aspect, ultimate plant size as well as considering the flower colour, habit and fragrance. Most roses require good sunshine for flower production, but there are others that will tolerate part-shade. If you are looking for a rose to create height in your garden, work out how tall you actually want the rose to be.
Patio-climbers have all the beauty of a traditional climbing rose but are ideal for large pots and containers, as they normally only reach about 6ft/2m maximum height with flower power from top to bottom of the stems. If you want something to reach upwards on a house wall, or to grow into the branches of a tree then perhaps a rambling rose would be a better choice.
These days there are many different dwarf or patio roses that will provide lots of luscious flowers from the end of spring until the first frosts. Regularly deadhead to stimulate increased flower production, and you will not be disappointed.
Simple regular care will help maintain these lovely plants.Keep your roses well watered especially during hot, sunny periods or even cloudy yet windy days. Keep them well fed with either a general a multi-purpose feed or manure (well rotted-and avoid direct stem contact) or use your own compost. To maintain a healthy plant you must ensure a good watering and feeding regime. Don’t be surprised to water twice daily every day during summer. Check for any plant health issues regularly and deal with the problem as soon as possible. Then you will be able to fully enjoy your beautiful roses. Crimson cascade, Lilac Bouquet or white star-take your pick of these fabulous climbing roses to create a dazzling display.