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Our new and enhanced outdoor plant area carries a comprehensive range of trees, conifers, shrubs, roses, perennials, climbers, alpines, heathers, bedding plants, grasses, fruit trees and statement plants for that instant impact in your garden.

Our plant area is set out in alphabetical order for easy garden planning. We have published our own plant guide leaflets to show you what we have available on offer. They are designed to assist you in achieving all year round colour.

Please find in store 28 leaflets for you to pick up free of charge.

We are proud to supply top quality plants at very reasonable prices and a one year guarantee with proof of purchase*.

We offer a wide range of summer and winter hanging baskets to enhance your garden.

Please visit our friendly plant area team for all your garden questions and if you are not able to find the plant you are looking for, then we will do our up most to source our suppliers, to provide you with the plant you're after.

Anne Covell

Plants & Trees Manager

Hardy Plant Guarantee - Our hardy outdoor plants are covered by a 12 month guarantee, which begins from the day of purchase. Proof of purchase in the form of our till receipt must be produced. A plant label alone does not qualify. We will replace the plant or provide a full refund. The guarantee does not cover sale or discounted items. The guarantee does not cover plants that have not been properly cared for. The plant must finally be returned to the garden centre for inspection.

Plant of the Month - Taste & See the Difference

Plants of the Month - February 2020

Despite the seemingly endless grey skies of winter in the UK, we can still experience and enjoy brief dalliances of tentative sunshine, as we continue to move ever nearer towards the end of meteorological winter. Plants of the moment for me are spotting those errant bulbs/corms in naturalised areas; from woodland to grass verge. Clock the rich buttery, yellow hues of aconites or the delicate whites of the snowdrops as you move through your local landscape. To me they all serve to lead us in the direction of heat, warmth and summer sunshine.

Horticulturally speaking we are already looking ahead by considering what is available to plant now, and which will look fabulous in our gardens through the autumn months! Think Norfolk, think Nerines. Difficult to source as potted plants, these magnificent beauties take the upper hand for producing a show stopping autumnal displays, lasting for several weeks of pinks, white and red, flowers. Despite their South African origins, some can be surprisingly hardy-grow in a well drained, as a stand-alone item(s), in sun-drenched border, for maximum effect.
You don’t have to spend very much to enjoy the delights of growing and gardening. There are plenty of annual flowering plants that can be cheaply grown. With a little care and attention, you will be amazed at what is available to grow from seed. You can start them off on a warm sunny windowsill; but don’t sow too early as they will become leggy and unusable. To engage children think of growing some of the usual suspects, which include sunflowers (for a height competition) or tomatoes to eat, but think also of growing everlasting flowers. These can then be used in flower arrangements and craft projects. The everlasting or paper flowers of Xerochrysum bracteatum seeds are fabulous for this. They can be used as a gift that keeps giving as a gift for friends or family members.

For maximum enjoyment choose plants and flowers that will stimulate more of your senses, for a longer period of time. Think about fragrance: flowers and foliage: think about touch and even think about the taste of various edible plants to enrich your own body and mind. Garlic, onions and potatoes are all now readily available, in the garden centres, so let’s get planning and planting.

Choose potatoes based on taste, rather than a name or what other people have grown before. Experiment with smaller packs of ten tubers to find a variety that does well in your soil and growing conditions, but which you will find great to eat. In order to reduce the likelihood of potato blight, choose 1st and 2nd early varieties or indeed blight resistant varieties such from the Sarpo potato variety group. Try growing French garlic, or sweet diminutive shallots to add flavour and depth to all your cooking. The joy of harvesting and eating your own produce will hook you into gardening for life. Have fun and get stuck in, with your children, friends and family and spread the joy and love by sharing the fruits of you labours.

And finally for now bring a little of the outdoors inside with bunches of foliage, coloured stems and flowers, to lighten even the darkest winter day. Soon there will be daffodils and then tulips to add colour and exuberance to you indoor world. By engaging with nature for just the shortest period of time, it might hopefully help to slow you down-for just a moment- giving us the chance to breathe, relax and enjoy.