Plant Info

A to Z Selection

Plants, shrubs and trees in the Garden Centre, are laid out in alphabetical order to help with selection. Please do ask a member of staff if you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for. We can also take your order, if we are waiting for a delivery and then notify you when it’s in stock. Popular seasonal plants under the covered areas are not displayed alphabetically.


All plants need some ‘tender love and care’ and preparation of the soil will encourage good growth.  Prepare the ground by digging in tree and shrub compost, farmyard manure or well rotted garden compost. This will help retain moisture

Make a hole at a depth to suit the root system and cover in.  Apply about 20z of Bone Mealor Fish Blood and Bone around the plant and mix in to the soil, compressing it around the plant and water well.  Heeling in will ensure water is retained around the plant and does not run away.  A top dressing of Bark, approximately 3″ depth, will finish the job off nicely and greatly reduce the need for future weeding.

Your Soil

Some plants require different growing conditions and may not thrive in your garden’s particular soil type. This can easily be adjusted. Firstly, take a simple pH reading; this will indicate whether your soil is acid or alkaline. pH meters are available in the Garden Centre from £2.99 to £17.99. Once you have a reading you can easily adjust your soil’s pH level by adding lime or ericaceous products. Please ask a member of staff if you need help.

A Useful Tip 

Look around your neighbourhood to see what plants grow successfully locally.


Micro-irrigation is a very efficient method of watering. The system works automatically, mostly at night, to maximise moisture retention without water loss through evaporation.

Tree Planting 

Trees need the same planting and feeding care as shrubs, but in addition will need support. The Garden Centre stocks a range of stakes and tree ties which will offer support in the early stages of growth. (Remember to check ties at regular intervals as the tree grows to avoid damage to the bark).

Plant Information Sheets Numbered 1 To 27

Please click on the thumbnails below, as each information sheet lists plants suitable to different aspects, soil types and locations.

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