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Plants for the community

It’s time for a change in our Cottage Garden planting scheme in the Millenneum Garden. Today we donated the old plants to the the community garden project based at Eve Hill Veg Co Booton, just on the outside of Reepham. They were incredibly grateful to receive the precious haul of these wonderful perennials which were all grown in yellows and oranges. They included Kniphofias, Heleniums,Helianthus’s,Knautias and Persicarias and red grasses.A fiery mix of plants that will thrive under the careful attention of all these  volunteers who attend the farm and now also a sister project at the local Bircham Institute in Reepham which has just opened it’s gates to new comers. As perennials they can expect a long life coming back every year and growing as we hope this burgeoning project will enjoy also do.

In the new year we will unearth a new garden in the Millenneum Garden so watch this space and be sure to visit us next season.